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Tournament Details:

Location: Aussie’s Grill & Beach Bar – 306 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78704

Date: October 21, 2023, 8am – 6pm

Morning Time Line:

  • 8:30am – 9am: Sign In
  • 9am – 9:30am: Warm Up / Volleyball Refresher Clinic
  • 9:30am: Games to start
  • Noon: Award Ceremony
  • 5pm: Finals

Type of Event: This is a blind draw event, meaning you sign up as an individual, and we will randomly draw the teams with a twist (weighted based on levels)

Format: 6 versus 6, Co-Ed (men and women) teams

Style of Play: Standard 6 on 6 rules SEE BELOW FOR MORE DETAILS , pool play into a bracket

Events of the Day: We will have Volleyball (obviously), a refresher/first timer clinic, and the scholarship presentation ceremony

Facility: Aussies will have food, drinks, bathrooms, shade, and showers

Our Volleyball Rules

Team Composition:

Each team consists of six players on the court at a time, with a minimum of four players required to start the game.


The serve must be executed from behind the end line or the imaginary continuation of the end line. The server can choose any spot behind the end line to serve.


Teams rotate clockwise when they win a rally and gain the right to serve. The player rotating to the right back position will serve.

Ball Contact:

Each team has a maximum of three contacts to return the ball over the net (except for blocking). The most common sequence is bump (forearm pass), set, and spike. Players can use any part of their body to contact the ball as long as the contacts are clean and not held or lifted.

Block Touch:

Blocking is any first ball touch where any part of the player is above the net, Block does not count as one of the three contacts.

Switching Sides:

Teams switch sides when the first team gets to 13 points. We only switch once per set.


Rally scoring is used, meaning a point is awarded on every rally regardless of which team served. The first team to reach 25 points (with a minimum 2-point lead) wins the set. In the case of a tie at 24-24, play continues until a 2-point advantage is achieved, with a cap on the score at 27.


Each team is allowed one timeout per set, and each timeout lasts one minute.


Teams can make an unlimited number of substitutions but can only substitute during a dead ball situation.